Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve
Wildlife Observation 3 Day Tour

Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve is a very important habitat of the Giant Panda in Minshan Mountains and is also one of the biodiversity protection hotspots on the globe.

The star species such as the Giant Panda, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey and Takin all can be found in this area. Even it is not easy to spot the Giant Panda in the wild, but there are so many interesting species living in this forest.

The Golden Pheasant likes searching food under the Fargesia denudata. It is a quite small pheasant, but very corlorful. And it's also one species of the pheasants endemic to China.

Even the Golden Snub-nosed Monkey is the species that has the biggest population in Snub-nosed Monkey family, they are still very rare. Only in the good protected area such as Tangjiahe, you will have the chance to encounter them somewhere in the forest.

Maybe because this guy was too hungry or maybe because our quiet hadn't caused his nervous, he jumped away between the branches after eating right in front of us for 2-3 min.

Yellow-Throated Marten


Chinese Serow


Wild Boar

The Short-tailed Tibetan Macaques actually are living in middle China instead of the Tibetan Plateau.

Do you know the large barking in the forest is actually from the Chinese Muntjak?

There are a lot of Chinese Muntjaks in Tangjiahe. Besides the Tufted Deers and Chinese Gorals can also been spotted oftenly.

The Tufted Deer

This Chinese Goral is so good at the cliff area.

Many animals are nocturnal. So the night safari is the best chance to spot the uneasy-seen ones.

It's always so hard to spot the cats in the wild. But sometimes you can get the chance to spot the Leopard Cat here.

Eurasian Otter can be oftenly spotted in Tangjiahe.

The nocturnal Tawny Fish Owl likes to fish in the river. That night, we saw him far away in the middle of the river first. After a few minutes watching, we drove away. But the big surprise was that he flew very closely to our car to watch us.

The Masked palm civet is one of the civets living much more close to the north than others.

Chinese Ferret-badger

Sometimes the Porcupine also can show up in the daytime.

There are huge number of birds living the forest in Tangjiahe.

Mountain Hawk Eagle

Golden Eagle

Slaty Bunting

Eurasian Tree-Creeper

Great Spotted Woodpecker

And also a plenty of birds along the river.

White-crowned Forktail

The Crested Kingfisher likes to standing on the branch next to the river.

The calls of Crested Kingfisher

Tour Arrangement

Day 1

Depart Chengdu at 8am and arrive Tangjiahe Reserve after a 5hours driving.

Let's do a short walk in the forest for animals searching in the afternoon.

And around 8pm after dinner, we will do a 2hours night safari along the river to spot the nocturnal animals.

Day 2

It is a 6-7 hours hiking on today. The Golden Pheasants and the Golden Monkeys are quite active in this area. We will have picnic lunch on the hiking.

We will do the night safari again tonight.

Day 3

Today we will do a 3-4hours morning hike in a quite flat valley. Then after a late lunch, leave for Chengdu with another 5hours driving.


Low Season
January to March

per person

High Season
April to December

per person

For more than 4 people's group and travel during Chinese holidays, please email langmusi@qq.com for quotation.

Rate includes

  • Private tour
  • English speaking wildlife guide
  • Professional binoculars
  • 4X4 Jeep for all the way
  • The entrance fee
  • 2 nights hotel rooms inside the reserve
  • All meals during the tour

Recommended Season

The wildlife in summer like to stay on the high mountain which is not easy to be reached. In winter, most of them will immigrate to the lower valley. And as the Reserve is quite busy in the summer time, the wildlife can easliy be disturbed by other travellers. So the quiet winter time is the best time for visiting.